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Track scrap price trends for Stainless Steel Scrap
with the
18-8 Tracker

Monthly Subscription - $ 35 USD       -       Annual Subscription $ 350 USD

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The 18-8 Tracker was established as a tool to track market trends for recycling stainless steel scrap. The 18-8 Tracker indicates trends for across the USA for dealer to mill prices of 18-8 Alloy Scrap in truck load quantities.

The 18-8 Tracker is updated each day before noon EST and compares todays spot market price with yesterdays spot market price and displays a snapshot of 5 viewpoints of current market trends
(a view over the past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days 1 year & 2 years).
The Index tracks 7 days per week although transaction activity on the weekends is typically lighter and it may not be uncommon to see no change reflected in the index.

The 18-8 Tracker is derived from spot market prices reported on and is provided as a service to subscribers.
Information contained in the 18-8 Tracker is generated from internal proprietary data and may not reflect external markets or transactions.

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